Everybody together for Laurita! With love everything is possible...

Laurita is a beautiful and sweet 6 year old girl who's been diagnosed with a terrible cancer. She and her mom travel from Cuba to Miami so she could receive treatment, she had her arm amputated and even know she is stabilized for now still needs to get more chemotherapy.
To help her get the funds needed, a total of 400 thousand dollars, a group of wonderful ladies headed by Soraya Alcala organized an event on June 3rd where Latin celebrities and general public donated money to help Laurita through this tough time. Laurita got a lot of attention from the media and everybody loves her, but still more people with a big heart who can donate money are needed to reach the amount Laurita needs.
If you are one of those people and want to help Laurita on this journey click on the link below, Laurita, her family and all of us who love her would appreciate your kindness.

Donate Here

Here are some pics from the event...

Laurita Mendez

Jose Antonio Alvarez, Soraya Alcala, myself, chef Sabrina and Roxana Garcia.

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