Perfect Porches

In March 2009 I acted very misterious about a photo shoot that was taken place in my house, and the reason was that I couldn't give away any details until the book release date... well the 'day' has arrived, and my feelings are mixed since I'm very happy to have my work showcased in such a great book and at the same time it is sad since I don't live in that house anymore, it was a lovely house and I had put a lot of effort and work in it.
Remember that scene from 'Sex and the City' where Charlotte and Trey are posing for Home & Garden magazine and you can hear the voice over saying: 'By the time the magazine was out, Trey had moved away'...well It was sort of like that, except that I was the one living... well, you'll get the rest!
I want to send a big THANK YOU to all the people involved in this book and another big one to all of you for your support and for always been there with your comments and emails.. There were a couple of difficult months but things are starting to look good...
Anyway, life keeps going and having my work featured in this great book published by Random House and authored by Paula Wallace the founder and president of SCAD, is something that not only gives me happiness and joy but it is also an example that no matter what...we should do what we love in life ...
You can order the book online at Amazon by clicking on the link below the book cover...Thanks!



Debbie said…
Congratulations! That is awesome, and what a beautiful porch it is! I just did a post on porches, of course mine is a little different, but worth the look:)
Mariafer said…
Thank You Debbie!!!
Suzy said…
Congratulations, it looks gorgeous. I could spend 24 hours a day looking at design books.

I have followed your spaces way back when you first posted your bedroom on RMS.

Still classic and wonderful.

Mr. Goodwill Hunting
Natalia Cardoza said…
So happy for you - you deserve it!
Tardevil said…
Well that must be very exciting getting a book published! You deserve had the best outside area e-v-e-r posted on RMS! Sorry you had to leave that gorgeous home, but things always work out for the best! Your new place is looking lovely too!

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