Got Tile?

Catafalmo Gallery is an amazing tile store located in Fort Lauderdale. There you can find everything you have ever imagined and more.... really. Besides having a vast selection of traditional porcelains and stones, they also carry a big collection of inspiring high end products....No mater how exotic what your looking for is, ask them...I'm sure they have it.
None of the pictures below made justice to the beauty of those tiles but at least you can get an idea....
Animal print Tile

Mary was an angel, she took the time to show me around and give me details about the products.

Leather 'like' tiles.

Stainless Steel inlay on wood tiles...
Bling, Bling!! Crystal tiles...
Awesome!!! Can you imagine this tile with a colored grout?? Black?
Swarosky Tiles....

Mirrror and glass tile..
This is for me the best looks like a pillow...but it's actually TILE....

Catafalmo Gallery
2534 North Federal Highway, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, 33305
Phone: (954) 561.5770


Those tiles are awesome. Sho' wish I had some.

Mr. Goodwill Hunting

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