On earth day and every day, every choice makes a difference

April 22nd is earth day, but Earthbound Organic Farm is celebrating all month long giving away free reusable bags when you make the pledge to reduce/reuse/recycle and if you're one of the first 10,000 each week, they'll send yours free. Select Take the Pledge, then click on one of the items with a sun next to it and then select Add This To My Pledge.
Click here to go to the website.

Good Luck!


Dollface said…
Its so nice that everyone is thinking about the Earth :) xoxo
Laura said…
How fabulous are you! I think that the first 10,000 is over but they are going to try and give out more bags soon. Love your blog!
Gena said…
I made my pledge. Thanks!
Natalie said…
We have gone organic as much as possible, and this post is a great reminder!

How ya been? Busy, busy?

It's so windy up here, how is it further south?

-Nat :)
Mariafer said…
Thanks everybody for stopping by and taking the pledge.
Laura, try next Monday, they are giving away 10000 every week, good luck!
Hi Natalie! I was missing you, It is windy down here too! I've been very busy and although I read everybody elses posts sometimes I just don't have the time to comment back as much as I would like. How you've been?

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