Project update

This is how it looks today. Client still deciding on flooring. We are still working on the details, the lighting and waiting for the rest of the chairs and the special order furniture. We had to work during the weekend getting done as much as we can to live the place in working conditions by Sunday night.
Friday, late afternoon: We got rid of old shelving and wallpaper. 
Saturday: Patching and sanding almost all day. 
Sunday: Paint, install shelves, put together the furniture from Ikea, got rid of the carpet, clean up, put the room together (note: we did the lobby too, I'll be posting pictures soon). 
Monday: I started working on the details, while the crew were doing demo in the second showroom,  a smaller one that was added to the original project. 
Today: Waiting for electrician to do the accent lights. Patching,sanding and paint on second showroom, second coat on doors. 
Tomorrow: Install the shelves in second showroom, finish lighting and doors.
Then flooring and molding and a mini vacation  for me!


drollgirl said…
it's coming along! very exciting. and i am sure you are looking forward to a mini break soon!
Natalie said…
Love the clean, organized look. It just feels like a space where there is fashion happening! LOL.

Thanks for the get well wishes, they brightened my day,

Nat (who wishes she was a client)

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