The last one.

I just received the March issue of Domino Magazine, the last one as we all know. Ironically it is the best in a long time. 


viera said…
I can not believe its true!
Not fair.

Maria ,good luck with your project. Looks great. Will wait for the final pictures.
Have a wonderful weekend .
Lorie said…
I was so sad to hear that March would be their last issue.
So many great magazines are ending publication this year - it's very sad.
Fifi Flowers said…
I just got mine today... good to hear the LAST issue is good! It has been lacking for awhile... sad to see it go still.
HOpe you have a great weekend!
tardevil said…
Isn't that sad that so many mags are going under? Boo hoo!
Colour Me Happy said…
I'll have to run out and snap it up! Thanks for the heads up, I didn't know they even had another one still coming out!

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