A couple of weeks ago my husband and I were invited to tour the progress made in the construction/ expansion of the new Miami International Airport. Public spaces in Miami get 1.5% of construction costs of new county buildings for the purchase or commission of artworks, the 5.2 billion dollars expansion of the new MIA makes it the largest art exhibition for the Art in Public Spaces Program , most of the art is part of the infrastructure but they also have rotating exhibitions around the airport. My favorite is the coral wall. Hope you enjoy the pics!
Luis Arce, Terminal Operations supervisor. Dr. Yolanda Sanchez, Manager fine Arts and Cultural Affairs division and  me.
Got any Jacks? 2004
Donald Lipsky
Miami International Airport, American Airlines concourse D.
Consisting of nearly 100 sculptures made of fish replicas, Got Any Jacks? is a tribute to Miami's miraculous aquatic environment. The fish replicas, ranging from two feet across to over fourteen feet across, are arranged in abstract, geometric patterns. Their unique arrangement throughout the concourse walls evokes sculptures that are at once fish, and abstract shapes, represent something else.

Ghost Palms, 2007.
Norie Sato
South Terminal, International Baggage Claim.
Ghost Palms combines the organic structure of palm trees with the clean lines of the terminal's architecture, producing a subtle dichotomy between the natural and man made. Sited at five locations along the 300 foot-long glass interior wall of the International Baggage Claim, Ghost Palms uses softly colored iridescent glass to create a space full of oversized 'stained glass' windows that reveal magnified fronds and branches of various types of palms trees, the artist also designed the terrazzo floor for this area that mirrors the reflection of the windows and creates the illusion of shadow cast on the floor.

A walk on the beach
Michele Oka Doner
Epoxi Terrazzo, bronze, mother-of-pearl. Concourse A MIA.
Long walks along Miami's beaches observing shells, seaweed and other marine forms deposited by the tides inspired this monumental site specific art installation. Phase I is a half mile long walkway featuring two thousand unique cast bronze elements embedded in dark grey terrazzo

Foreverglades, 2007
Barbara Neijna
MIA, South Terminal Expansion concourse J.
Text from Margory Stoneman Douglas' River of Grass is embedded into 65,000 sq. ft. of terrazzo floor running throughout the concourse. Pre-cast stone bas-relief panels interspersed with ribbons of glass, which symbolize flowing water and swaying reeds of grass are integrated into the architecture. 

Coral Eden
Brad Goldberg
Miami International Airport, South Terminal.
Coral Eden is composed of two massive stone walls, each measuring approximately 30 feet wide x 90 feet high. Derived from a series of macro-photographs of coral, is carved in travertine marble from Italy. The coral relief is quiet shallow at the base of the wall and increases in depth as the stone rises, allowing the coral pattern to subtly emerge through light and shadow. As passengers gaze up at the expansive wall, the increasing depth of the form will suggest a view upward from the bottom of the ocean toward the atmosphere and sun.


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