The Standard @ Miami Beach

Massage rooms hallway
The birthday girl is the one in the center, I'm the old lady on the left all covered up!
Downtown Miami in the back

Miami Beach view
The restaurant

Downtown Miami in the back

Pathway from the hotel to the restaurant/pool area, you can see the rooms on the left

It was a little bit cold for Miami (74) but we had a great time. We were supposed to be 5 of us but one of the girls was sick and the other two never showed up... I couldn't believe it!!!
The spa have all kind of treatments and they use only natural products. At the restaurant the menu is very frugal and most of the options are organic/vegan, the chocolate vegan brownie w/soy vanilla ice cream was yummy!! But the most important thing is that my friend Alejandra was very happy... and so I was. Thanks for all the good wishes!!
The staff didn't let us use cell phone or camera inside the spa section so I snap some pictures from the outdoors I hope you like it....


Natalie said…
Happy hour...cocoon lounge chairs...and the Miami skyline...*sigh* it's like heaven on earth.

I love that you're all covered up, haha. Smart!

Happy Halloween!
viera said…
Place is absolutely great. I am sure it was relaxing . Perfect birthday!
V Maegan said…
wow. it looks phenomenal! I would be cold in 74 degree weather as well!
Fifi Flowers said…
Looks like a GREAT place and a lot of FUN!
Ma'dame French said…
Heaven on earth~~~I want to come and visit MIAMI:) Looks like you had a blast;) French

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