Spa Day B.Day Party

My good friend Alejandra is having a spa day party to celebrate her birthday tomorrow at 'The Standard' an ultra modern hotel-spa in Miami Beach. I can't wait!!!! I will try to snap some pictures... see you guys on thursday! Happy Birthday Ale!


My kind of celebration! Have a great time.
Lilly's Life said…
Oh that sounds devine. I love being pampered - I am sure she will have a great birthday!
viera said…
Where do you go for this ideas, girls? I am a so boring.My birdhday will be here soon, so thanks for the tip, Maria!
Kimberlee said…
ahhh- the things we do for friends.
I mean, I feel sorry for you, having to help your friend celebrate her birthday at a spa..... he he!! - ENJOY!! xx
nikkicrumpet said…
Dang...all my friends do is serve hot dogs in their back yards....I need classier friends!!! Have a wonderful time! And stay away from the new "camel dung facial" I hear that one has lasting effects!
Michael said…
What a way to celebrate! Have a great day at the spa!
nikkicrumpet said…
Hey Maria...thanks for the birthday wishes! I'm hoping to look just like you when I grow up! Hmmm that might be a problem...oh well in my dream life...I look just like you!
Natalie said…
We're looking into a little road trip for my impending B-day.

That spa is incredible looking.

Can't wait to see your pics :)

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