Casa Casuarina

A while ago my husband and I had the privilege of been invited to spend the day at Casa Casuarina, a very expensive members only club located in South Beach best known as Gianni Versace's former home and the place where he was murdered. The house is stunning in every sense, I managed to take some pictures (was not allowed). I just found out that they are now offering tours to the general public, if you are planning to travel down here don't miss it, it is really worth it. Click here to check out the website and get more info.

Pool area

Pool View

Cabana View

Indoor Patio

Access to upstairs rooms

View from the foyer

detail of wall in dinning room

Bathroom entrance

My hubby and I on the left


viera said…
Casa looks great!!

Copy :Ha - ha ...Yes you did. Thank you!!
..and I think its a great and promotion is so important...(and personaly , its not my favorite part of the bussiness)
nikkicrumpet said…
WOW what a place! The outdoor space is amazing. And it's so cool to get a peek at your very handsome hubby!!!
Natalie said…
I'm always so sad when I stand outside there thinking of the tragedy that happened.

It is such a beautiful property.

And the comparison.

I'm glad they've opened the doors and will definitely take a tour next time I'm down in South Beach.

Thanks for taking some pics for us!
Mariafer said…
Not only he is handsome but he is also the best husband in the world!!! Except that he never reads my blog...LOL. Maegan said…
that's amazing. ...and now I want it to be my own private home.
Michael said… two make the cutest couple. Ok, love how you snuck the pics...I swear I did that throughout every major attraction I visited in Europe. I always felt so proud after.

Truly a magnificent place. I've been on the outside of Versace's home, but didn't know about the tours. I'll have to check it out the next time I'm in Miami.
Ma'dame French said…
That home looks spectcular~~and what a beautiful couple you and your husband are;) Thanks for following Blogge'ville drop a word some time;) French
PS I totally love love your style! French;)
Anonymous said…
Hi Maria, I popped over here from Nikki's blog and I'm so glad I did. The photos are beautiful to see. And so are you and hubby, some people have it all. LOL Come visit me sometime, I'd like to get to know you more.

These photos are beautiful. Thanks for giving us a peek inside.
Tori said…
Marvelous photos! Now if only I had connections to get in down there! Beautiful blog, too. Nice to stumble upon this--it was a blessing!
amiable amy said…
jaw-dropping pictures! Wheww! You are indeed is unfair...waaaa....LOL! Enjoy and have a great weekdays ahead. I love your blog, i follow it already, can't resist girl. Begging you to add me in your bloglist...plzzzz...Hahaha
Dallas Shaw said…
been to s beach so many times and love this mansion- great job with your sneaky photos!
Anonymous said…
That place is amazing. I love the detail on the walls. Gorgeous!!!

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