Erinn Valencich

Erinn Valencich is an Interior designer, stylist, lifestyle television host, cook and writer. Visit her website Omniarte Design to see more of her talents.


nikkicrumpet said…
Love that bench with the mirror above. What a great combination of color and texture. I wanted to read your "why women should vote post" but It's not showing up :[ Have a great day!
Michael said…
I clicked through the pics in her portfolio and she has done some amazing things! Just beautiful!
Kimberlee said…
Love your blog and these images, gorgeous x
Fifi Flowers said…
Stopping by to see if you posted anything new... nothing new... so I decided to pop around... love the peonies... ad I could go for a lounging stay in that bedroom.

I was thinking... maybe you would like to help me out with a Florida themed post... and it could go along with that room you design! Let me know what you think.

Have a great weekend!
Anonymous said…
Thanks for posting these great photos! Love them all, especially the second mirror!
Anonymous said…
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I am so impressed with her work--it is so colorful and fresh.

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